Osler’s Punch

Osler’s Punch is served at winter meetings of the Osler Club of London in the Thomas Cotton Room from 6:30 pm

As prescribed for the Society in Oxford by D.A.Abernethy in 1921

Tangerine Oranges: 6
Tarragona Wine: 1 Bottle
Rum: 1 Bottle
Brandy Whisky or Gin: 1 Bottle
Boiling Water: an equal quantity
Cloves, ginger or spices to taste
Heavy Cream: Pint 1/2

Stick the tangerines (or other oranges) all over with the cloves and stew gently in a suitable vessel in the Tarragona wine for 20 minutes together with the ginger and/or spices.
Add the rum and other spirits
Add the boiling water equivalent of three bottles
Keep the punch on a hot plate or gentle gas ring and serve with a ladle as hot as reasonable
Just before serving add the cream and stir well.


  1. If Tarragona be unobtainable, any SWEET heavy red wine will do
  2. The beverage is very smooth and therefore a little insidious. It can be strongly recommended to give the quietus to him who boasts that he has been drinking all evening and that he is sober as a judge.
  3. Some prefer to add pouring cream to the surface of the punch when serving.
  4. If the wine is not sweet some 3 tablespoons of sugar can be added.
  5. If the cream is too cold it may not layer on top of the punch.