The Thomas Cotton Room

In his Last Will and Testament, Thomas Forrest Cotton (1884-1965), an eminent cardiologist and keen member of the Osler Club, arranged that the Royal College of Physicians of London should receive a substantial sum of money in return for which the dining-room was named the Osler Room, Osler’s portrait was hung there, an annual Osler Oration established and a plaque commemorating Thomas Cotton placed in the Osler Room. In addition, the College undertook to provide a separate room (known as the “Thomas Cotton Room”) to house the library, archives and other possessions of the Osler Club of London, and to permit the use of the College premises for the Club’s Annual Dinner and regular meetings without charge for accommodation. The Club remains grateful to Dr John Cule, Secretary of the Club in the late 1960’s, who undertook the detailed and time-consuming negotiations with College Officers to ensure that these excellent arrangements were established for future generations of Club members.

The Thomas Cotton Room is available to members on days when our meetings are taking place.

The Osler Club of London is particularly grateful to Sir Richard Thompson FRCP KCVO (The Hon. President of the RCP) for his extremely generous support for the refurbishment of the Thomas Cotton Room in 2010. David Green, whilst President, spent time and effort in negotiation with Sir Richard Thompson to get the club the current Thomas Cotton Room. In addition, he won the RCP’s agreement that it be refurbished at their cost, which was in excess of £35,000.