“A universalisable ‘moral mission statement for medicine’?”

Event Start Date:
1 March, 2018
Event End Date:
1 March, 2018
Event Venue:
the RCP

Presented by Professor Raanan Gillon.

For some years Raanan Gillon has argued that the ‘four principles’ of medical ethics can provide the basis for a succinct ‘moral mission statement’ for medicine to which all doctors everywhere would be able to subscribe. In the course of his presentation he will praise the World Medical Association for recently revising its Declaration of Geneva – a contemporary version of the Hippocratic Oath – by adding (among other revisions) the principle of respect for autonomy to its existing affirmation of the ancient Hippocratic commitments to beneficence and non-maleficence. But he will argue that in its next revision the WMA should add a medical commitment to the pursuit of justice in order to make the Declaration of Geneva a truly contemporary medico-moral ‘physician’s pledge’.

Professor Gillon MB BS FRCP BA Hon DSc
Emeritus Professor of Medical Ethics, Imperial College London
Hon President, Institute of Ethics
Former Editor, Journal of Medical Ethics