The Osler Club of London was founded in 1928 (the year of Lady Osler’s death) to encourage the study of the history of medicine, and to keep fresh the memory of Sir William Osler (b July 12, 1849; d December 29, 1919).

The members of the Club, either medical or those engaged in some activity related to medicine, are devoted to the humanistic approach to medicine, as exemplified in the life and works of Sir William Osler.

Membership of the Osler Club is open to medical men and women, medical students, and persons associated in the history of medicine and the allied sciences.

Guests may attend one lecture and pay for supper if they wish to stay for that. Alternatively they may attend the lecture and drinks beforehand. Please contact us to book a place.

Applications for membership should include details regarding your profession, medical school, degrees and other awards, your association with medicine and allied sciences, and brief details publications.

Upon acceptance you will be asked to set up a banker’s order to the Osler Club of London of £30.00, and then £30.00 on the 1st October of each succeeding year of membership. If you are currently a medical student this fee is waived for 4 years.

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